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Establishment : 1986.
Number of Teaching posts : 02
Sanctioned and Filled : 02
Workload of the Department : 36 per week

Achievement and Pride of History Department – Two students of our department have successfully passed of MPSC examination.
  • Students Centric Teaching-Learning Process :
  • Taking into accounts the global educational environment and intense competition in the employment market the department has focused to prepare competent students to face the global competition successfully. For this purpose Student Centric Teaching-Learning Process and continuous Internal Assessment & Evaluation of students these methods are used. Modern Teaching Aids and Tools with various Teaching-Learning methods like Group discussion, Quiz competition, Question-answering methods, Students seminar, Snap test etc. are also used as a part of Student Centric Teaching-Learning Process and Students progress is monitored continuously

    to provide the practical knowledge to the students Study tours, Field visits etc. are arranged to various historical places and monuments

  • Bridging the Knowledge gap of students :
  • The opportunity to bridge the knowledge gap has been provided for the incoming students, who can’t understand the subject without guidance & counselling up to satisfactory level. Oral test, discussion and interaction sessions are held to identify the knowledge gap of the students and at the initial stage, before commencing the Teaching-Learning Process ‘Special & Extra Caching Classes’ as well as counselling sessions are held to bridge their knowledge gap.

  • Slow and Advanced Learner students :
  • Slow and Advanced Learner students are identified through their overall performance in the previous year examinations and their participation in the various Extra-curricular activities as well as discussion and interactions with them. ‘Remedial Teaching Classes’ for slow learners and ‘Extra-coaching classes’ for advanced learners Students are arranged throughout the year and their improvement and progress is also monitored continuously.

  • Counselling and Expertise Services :
  • The faculty of department is fully engaged in the Counselling services, Outreach programmes and Extension activities which are helpful and solution providers to the neighbourhood society related with their various problems. They provided need based Counselling services. They also provide Expertise services to the other HE institute and sharing expertise knowledge with other faculty members and academic departments of the institute.

  • Faculty Development Programmes :
  • The faculty of the department is always aware about their Academic & Professional development as well as to improve Pedagogical skills. For this purpose, various faculty development programmes like Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes etc. have been attended by the faculty members of the department and actively participated in it. These are follows :-

  • Student Strength: :

  • Departmental Programmes & Activities :
  • Group discussions were arranged by the department for the students of B.A.I,II & III on the Topic of Defeat of Afzalkhan, Nepoleon Bonaparte, American Revolution, Release of Shahu and Civil war in Maharashtra etc. (2010-11)
  • Group discussions and Quiz competitions were arranged for the students of B.A.I, II & III on the Topic of Ancient Historical Sources , Mughal Administration, Non-co-operation Movement etc. (28/8/2011, 23/8/2013)
  • Homage programme was organized to pay homage to Marxist historian Professor R.S. Sharma. (22/08/2011)
  • Lecture Programme was organized on account of ‘Kranti Din’ on the Topic of ‘The Contribution of Revolutionaries for the Freedom Movement of India’. Hon. Mr.Shashank Bawachkar the Treasurer, Samajwadi Prabhodhini, Ichalkaranji was Chief Guest and Speaker for this programme. (9/8/2012)
  • Poster Presentation and Lecture Programme on ‘Importance of Forts in the Medieval Period’. This programme was jointly organized by the History Department, Hiking and Nature Club and Shivrajya Pratisthan, Ichalkarnji. (28/12/2012)
  • ‘Inauguration of Literary Club and Kranti Din’- This programme was jointly organized by the Department of History and Literary Club on the account of this programme the poetry recitation function was organized. Hon. Poet Ashok Bhoitee was Chief Guest for this function (12/8/2013)
  • One Day Tracking Programme ‘Panhala to Masai Plateau’ was jointly organized by History Department, Geography Department and Hiking and Nature Club. (9/2/2004)
  • Homage programme was organized to pay homage to Bipin Chandra the renowned historian. (1/8/2014)
  • Lecture programme was organized on account of ‘Kranti Din’ on the Topic of ‘The Role of Revolutionaries as a National Heroes’ Hon. Mr.Prasad Kulkarni, the Secretary, Samajwadi Prabhodhini, Ichalkaranji was Chief Guest & Speaker for this programme. (9/8/2014)
  • Study tours was jointly organized by the History Department, Geography Department and Hiking & Nature Club at the historical place of Samangad, Nesari and Pargad. (22/2/2014)
  • Class-wise Result Analysis:
  • Contribution of the Department to the College Administration and Corporate Life:

Dr.Tupe has successfully faced NAAC peer committee as a co-ordinator for Re-accreditation Process of the Institution. In this regards he has also provided expertise services and knowledge to the other HE Institute like Loknate Hanmantrao Patil Arts & Commerce College, Vita, Shakarbhushan S.K. Patil College Kurndwad on ‘How To Face NAAC Peer Team’ and ‘Preparation Re-accreditation Report(RAR) Documentation’ respectively.

  • Member of LMC
  • Member of IQAC
  • Member of LIC
  • Member of Monitoring Committee
  • Member of Teacher Selection Committee
  • Member of Admission Committee
  • Head of Academic Calendar Committee
  • Prof. Sapkal has expertise knowledge about the NET/SET and he always engages in providing counselling and guidance services for such students.

    Lecture on the topic of ‘Ancient India : Ideological and Material Background’ at Sahakarbhushan S.K.Patil College, Kurundwad as Guest Lecture. (5/1/2015)

  • Member of Student Council
  • Head of Cultural Programmes
  • Honours/Awards:
Dr. Tupe – API Score - 457 up to 2nd July, 2013

Minor Research Project :- on ‘The Educational Development in the Aundh State’ (ongoing)

  • Principal Y.N. Kadam Award : for excellent research paper by Shivaji University, Itihas Parishad.
  • IDEAL Teacher Award 2011-12 : Night College of Arts & Commerce College, Ichalkaranji.
  • Rajeshri Shahu Maharaj National Teacher Award 2013: Babu Jagjivan Ram Kala Sanskriti & Sahitya Akademi, Delhi.
  • International Educational Award 2013 : International Human Rights Justice Federation, Arjun Charitable Foundation, Koregaon.
  • Excellent Research paper Award 2012 : International multilingual Monthly Referred Research Journal PATRON ISSN : 0976-2310.
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