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To empower the deprived weaker. Workers, minority, men & woman sections of the society by quality higher education and to make them ideal civilians as the contributors to the secular culture of our Nation.


  • Providing three dimensional higher education-Formal, Open (ODL) & Extension with utility specialization in convenient time.
  • Achieving academic excellence by promoting research and modern educational technology along with value cultivation.
  • And accelerating the process of national integrity by strengthening higher education in Urdu Language for the minority & other communities.
Goals & objectives of our College

  • To provide three Dimensional Higher Education-Formal, Open (ODL) and Extension Education with Social & National conscience
  • To provide Higher Education Facility for the working youths, the labourer, business men, serving personal & woman.
  • To create opportunity of higher education for the dropouts.
  • To facilitate higher education in Urdu Language for minority society students and care for the development of Urdu Language to project fabric of secular culture of our Nation.
  • To create well-cultured and ideal civilians from manual hard workers.
  • To provide higher education to those who are denied it in the formal system through the Open University courses.
  • To give the higher education to the society through extension activities.
  • To cater for non-formal education, using infrastructure created for formal education.
  • To promote creation and effective use of multi-media to supplement classroom and laboratory teaching.
  • To promote effective clubbing of open and conventional system to address increasing demand in higher education.
  • To promote excellence in teaching and research with greater academic, administrative and financial flexibility.
  • To intensify fundamental education with good grounding and fortify it with add-on-utility specialization.